How to Design Your Online Store for Epic Conversion Rates


If you have the best marketable products or services on hand or within reach, setting up an e-commerce store would be a good option to make money online. However, you should prepare yourself, body, mind, and soul, to devote efforts and resources to not only keep your site running but make and increase sales.

You would have to remember why you’re setting up an online store, to make sales and prosper. Otherwise, you should invest your time and effort somewhere else.

Because it is a numbers game, you would have to multiply your efforts into folds, or at least strategically manage your site to boost income. The only time you should stop caring about it is when you’re passively earning millions.

To make this happen, you should never forget the magic of conversion rate optimization. Don’t settle for the mediocre and don’t allow your site to be on the average. We’ve prepared three tips on how you can make most out of your conversation rates and improve your sales in no time.

1. High Image Quality

Since your business is an online store, people are expecting to visualize what they would be getting with the purchase. While you may have the best descriptions, it still matters to the customer to see what they’ll be ordering. In fact, you can still sell products with images of the item and its price, even without any description and never the other way around.

You must remember that images play a significant role in the conversion rate optimization. Hence, make good use of high-quality images to lure buyers into purchasing products. Also, show as many elements of the products as you can. The more photos available, the better.

Don’t rely on stock photos if you can. Take pictures of your products highlighting their different elements and angles. Use high-quality cameras when taking pictures and have someone retouch these photos professionally, when needed. Avoid pixelated images as they would look cheap and low-quality.

If your items come in a box or specialty packaging, capture images of the product in and out of its case, which will provide a more vivid picture of what customers will be getting right at their doorsteps.

2. Make it Customizable

Who wouldn’t like a product that can be personalized and make it look unique and not mass-produced? Almost no one. Everyone would like to have something they can consider exclusive to them, as these items bring some sense of pride.

Increase your revenues by providing your customers the option and capability to personalize your products. These buyers will be willing to pay more for something extra. This process creates loyalty to your brand while you reap higher revenues and minimized costs.

If your products cannot be customized by itself, through minor personalization tricks like engraving or labeling, don’t worry. You may also create a similar atmosphere by letting your buyers pick different designs or items to make it a set. That’s the time that you give them a significant discount for their personalized bundle.

3. Ship Items Free

Online shoppers find themselves willing to spend more on items that come with free shipping. It’s like a chant that makes customers add more to their carts. After all, recent studies show that buyers consider free shipping a top priority when buying, and even selecting vendors to use.

Your items before shipping and handling may cost competitively compared to physical stores, but having to pay hefty amounts to have them delivered to your client’s doorstep is downright discouraging, on the buyer’s viewpoint.

You have options on how to make this even possible, without your company or shop shouldering that price tag. You can subtly force consumers to come up with a quota before you waive shipping fees.

Example, if your e-commerce store sells wonder pain relief from CBD oil and similar products, you can strategically ask your buyers to accumulate a minimum $75 purchase to qualify for free s&h costs. You may also choose to go zero shipping on all orders by adding up the value to your asking price.

Follow these tips when boosting sales for your online shop. Remember you would have to step it up against your competition, especially that online shopping is now going mainstream more than ever.

Don’t make your online shop a catalog of others. Make customers want to buy these products from you, right then and there. After all, you e-commerce shop is your business.

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3 tips for finding a good graphic designer for your company


Website design can be complex. One of the things you need for a unique website design is a professional graphic designer. There are many aspects of graphic design which only an experienced graphic designer can understand. Use the following tips to find a good graphic designer for your website.

Ask for recommendations and look around


You can ask your family and friends if they know a good graphic designer. Hiring someone through recommendation is safe as there won’t be any doubt about the designer’s capability. You can also look at various websites. If you like a particular website, scroll down to see if you can see the name of the company or the designer who has designed it.

Look at their portfolio


After you make a short list of graphic designers, you should check out their portfolios. That way you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for. In the portfolio, you will be able to look into their best works.



You should hire an experienced graphic designer. An experienced graphic designer has completed many projects, so he or she has lots of ideas and skills on graphic designing.

After you choose a graphic designer, you should discuss in detail what you want. You should tell what colors, graphics, etc. you are looking for. This will help you to get a design that you want and also prevent any disputes later on. You will be glad about the outcome if you discuss everything clearly.

5 Ways Your Business Can Use Graphic Design


Company logo


The company logo is very important. But many companies ignore it. It is essential for branding. It makes the business memorable. So, people can easily recall the brand. Your logo must be clear and distinct. It shouldn’t be too artistic that the actual message is lost.

Marketing materials


Graphic design should be used on business cards, letterhead, brochures, etc. You should make the design colorful so that they look attractive. It should display emotion about your product or service. Graphics will make people look at your business card. Your graphic design must be consistent with all the marketing materials you use.

Website design


Now you cannot think of website design without graphics. A site full of texts only will look very boring, and people won’t read it. Graphics make the site attractive and improves readability. A good graphic can make your website stand out from the competition.



Packaging is not only about the box in which a product is wrapped in. It’s also about advertising through the mail, producing coupons, give-a-ways, and more. The packaging should be such that it makes a memory for the customers.

Social media


Followers can remember your company by looking at the graphic design of your company. A lovely graphic will attract social media users.

You should give lots of effort in designing graphics for your company. A good graphic design can make your company stand out from the rest. So, you must hire a professional graphic designer for your graphics related works.

5 reasons why icon is important in the web designing


Icons now play a big role in website designing. Users get motivated by the message conveyed by icons. To design interactive websites, icons are very important. Here are some ways you can use icons for your website.

Use them instead of lists

If you have a website where you need to display lots of products and services, then you can use icons instead of listing. You can have different icon designs and make it interesting rather than the boring lists. Icons attract more customers.

Use them to represent things

Icons can be used for any website. If your site contains lots of products and services, then you should use icons to denote all those products and services. They can be used to represent categories, subcategories, galleries, and other groups. Icons increase the appeal of the website. Though icons are small, they have the capability to attract attention. Icons are used to highlight features.

Showcasing services

It can be used to showcase services. Creative icons can describe your services easily. So, it has great applicability in the service sector.

Use icons rather than headers

You can use icons instead of headers. These will look much elegant. It improves the overall appearance of the header and the quality of the website.

Improves readability

Icons increase the readability of a website. These icons give life to the website. So, people feel like staying on your site for a while. Your website will become more popular if the site is more readable.

Icons provide clear messages. They are a very powerful tool to express and make a website look lively. You should use lots of icons on your website to make it look attractive.